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My Livegood Review-How To Recruit People Into A Monthly Membership

My Livegood Review-How To Recruit People Into A Monthly Membership

The goal is to recruit people into the powerline matrix system. Paying monthly recurring memberships is rewarded with big discounts on dietary supplements.

This article will focus on Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing.

Although there is an affiliate program, it eventually comes down to recruitment.

Hello everyone and welcome to my article.

Before you get started I just wanted to mention that I am a member of LiveGood.

I will have affiliate links seeded within the article where they fit.


Overview Function Of LiveGood’s Business

Dietary Supplements Products

The very most important part of this business engine is the product.

Without good quality products or services, there is no business other than an illegal cash gifting or pyramid scheme.

I have bought and consumed four of the dietary products.

In my opinion, the dietary products I’ve tried are pretty good.

I’m planning on trying them all.

How Does LiveGood Sell Their Products To Make Money?

I want to begin with two questions first that I feel are pertinent.

Question #1: Is LiveGood An MLM Network Marketing Business Model?

Answer: Yes

Question #2: Is LiveGood An Affiliate Program Business Model?

Answer: Yes


I will try to sort this out without giving you a headache.

LiveGood relies on people marketing online to spread the viral announcement of their business quickly as,

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Social Media Influencers

These savvy people marketing online will create advertising in all sorts of methods to catch customers’ attention.

The speed that I have witnessed bringing people to LiveGood is remarkable.

So, How does LiveGood reward these people marketing online?

Creating a pay structure that will fit each type of marketer’s means of advertising.

LiveGood Pay Structure

Although there is mention of an Affiliate Compensation Plan on their website, I filtered down to a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) structure.

Here is why.

As an affiliate, you can earn $25 per membership you sell but you must first become a member yourself.

Memberships cost $9.95 per month or you can pay $99.95 per year to save a little.

You must also pay an initial one-time fee of $40 for your three websites.

These websites that your $40 pays for comes with,

  • Autoresponder coded to you
  • Stats of website visits
  • 3 websites coded to you

Once you become a full fledge member you are positioned into the powerline system.

What this means is that from now on anyone you refer becomes a member of LiveGood and enrolls underneath you.

What happens to you next is you are placed into a two-wide and 15-deep forced matrix system.

Look at the two images below. First is the Powerline and the second is the Matrix system

LiveGood power line
LiveGood power line

LiveGood Matrix
LiveGood Matrix

As you can see I am unranked at the moment in the light green square at the top center.

What is expected of me is to recruit two paying members in the squares below and to the right and left.

This pattern will continue down to infinity with the other members following the same sequences.

The motto is ” get two and help them get two”.

I have not recruited anyone into Livegood and there is a reason.

Sometimes the products and/or services are not the focus of an MLM business.

Overpriced sub-par products/services are to disguise the illegal pyramid scheme where the sole purpose is to recruit people.

I have to make sure that the products and the business admins are reputable before I promote this business to anyone.

How To Recruit People Into LiveGood’s MLM System?

This my friend is the million-dollar question.

I am not an experienced network marketer or have any type of knowledge in the MLM industry.

However, I do have some basic knowledge of how to make money online.

From reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and buying Udemy courses I understand the basic concept of making money online.

After sorting through all the crap people try to tell and sell you, it all comes down to finding people interested in what you are offering called traffic.

The MLM Industry Has A Bad Reputation

The MLM industry has been synonymous with illegal pyramid schemes by most people who have a poor understanding.

Granted there are and have been some very illegal MLM businesses that have been shut down by the FTC.

However, legal MLM businesses are thriving and succeeding.

Trying to promote and recruit people into your downline will be very difficult because of those illegal MLM businesses.

LiveGood is an MLM-type business that recruits people to purchase a monthly membership for discounted dietary supplements.

Funneling traffic of new members into your downline will be difficult because of this overall bad reputation in the MLM world.

Astonishingly, LiveGood has been experiencing huge growth since January, 2023.

In my opinion, this is because the people marketing online who are struggling to make money are the members flocking to LiveGood.

These members are primarily interested in the money side and not the products.

When the recruitment of members-only depends on the money scheme then problems will begin with complaints to the FTC.

As a member of LiveGood I am primarily promoting the products first, then if members become interested in referring others, it will come naturally.

So, How To Recruit People Into A Monthly Membership in a network marketing system?

From the company and yourself with honesty, integrity, and trust.

Traffic, Traffic, and More Traffic Are How You Will Succeed Recruiting Members.

Don’t listen to people marketing online that tell you otherwise. First, learn online traffic methods.

People marketing online are all trying to earn affiliate commissions from selling you online tools.

I wasted so much valuable time listening to online vultures selling picks and shovels where there is no gold.

Learn how to attract targeted traffic first then you can proceed with the tools to sell to your customers.

I am not an affiliate of any links below.

Christine Maisel teaches online courses on Udemy.com.

She has a specific course called ” Website Traffic Without SEO: 3 Traffic Boosting Case Studies. “

She did a great job in my opinion showing me what I wanted and needed to know.

Once you have a basic understanding of online traffic about where and how to get it, then you can pick and choose the online tools needed.

Christine Maisel Instructor on Udemy
Christine Maisel Instructor on Udemy

Creating The Content To Attract Your LiveGood Customers.

I want to begin by saying that two types of customers will be interested in what LiveGood has to offer.

People marketing online who are interested only in the money.

This type of customer most likely has a good understanding of how to make money online.

Experienced marketers have the required tools to create and display content to attract customers.

This type of customer may or may not be making money online but the skill is there.

However, they may or may not know that LiveGood exists.

Creating content for this type of customer requires a certain type of bait to attract them to check it out.

Marketers who understand how network marketing functions will be attracted to LiveGood

Inexperienced people who are desperately seeking a way to earn a fast income to help pay bills never work.

People who are interested in nutrition health.

If you create content demonstrating the comparison cost of LiveGood’s discounted price to other equal and maybe even better quality will attract this type of customer.

This is not only for people who are into fitness but for everyday busy people like you and me.

Dietary supplements can help a wide variety of people with busy lives of all ages.

Both men and women will benefit from dietary supplements especially pregnant women.

There are people like busy Moms and Dads who try to eat healthily but need that extra help to maintain their daily vitamins.

My Final Thoughts About LiveGood

Times are tough and getting tougher. The everyday person is only trying to find a way to make some extra money to keep the home operating.

I am all for the people struggling in life trying to get ahead.

Please don’t become a dishonest liar or greedy vulture-like all the marketers on YouTube.

Use your personality and good nature to influence people to buy products from you.

I have noticed that every experienced marketer will sign up under the top leaders in LiveGood just for the spillover.

As a new marketer creating videos on YouTube will be extremely hard to get sign-ups because of all the marketers using shady advertising headlines.

Just type in LiveGood review on YouTube and observe all the brainless verbiage displayed.

They are the reason why the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) penalizes good MLM companies like LiveGood.

Some marketers only care about recruiting people to make money and probably don’t know what the product is.

I bought some products from LiveGood and I am enjoying them.

I will make money by referring to good dietary supplements that are cost-efficient and quality.

Not bragging how much money I am making from the spill over.

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Thank you.