How To Make Money Online With Infinity Processing System

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The newly launched Infinity Processing System has a three step system that primarily focuses on the social media audience.

IPS is for people who are new to online marking that are just searching for a simple way to make money online.

People are desperate to find ways to earn side money to help paying personal monthly bills.

Hello, my name is Oscar.

I bought the starter level for $50 to give people who are new to marketing online an honest and truthful review.

I just wanted you to know what my intentions are before you begin reading my article that I have no intention of promoting IPS.

Also just as a reminder, I will be using the acronym IPS for Infinity Processing System.

IPS Who Is And Mindset

I want to begin with some old fashion mindset talk, experience and wisdom.

This type of system is not better nor worse than any other pay to play system currently online.

Search YouTube and you will find hundreds of business opportunities that are pay to play systems just like IPS.

The same old scenario will occur once people join they begin crying out where to find traffic.

People will quit because no money is being made then ask for a refund and call it a scam.

A never ending cycle of people expecting to sit back and do nothing thinking the money will start falling from the sky.

You must stop getting distracted and and begin following instructions.

Who Is The Owner Of IPS?

Answer: Adriana Villegas

Adriana Villegas Facebook Cover

Before you begin researching who she is just give me a chance to add some of my personal opinions.

To begin I must say that there are countless bad reviews about her on the first page of Google.

Click Here To Check It Out

Adriana Villegas created her so called bad reputation from when she began online marketing with other systems like:

  • Email Processing System 1
  • Email Processing System 2.0
  • Newbies On Fire by Christina Hooper

Now, she has launched her own make money online business from her own experiences.

From what I’ve listened to from her pupils is that she gives people new to online marketing an opportunity to make money online.

A very simple easy way to make money online with simple traffic methods on Social Media.

I have never personally had any involvement with her which means I can only give my opinion as an outsider.

The Mindset And Vision Of Adriana

Let me just give you my perspective from an air balloon with a better view of her whole personal map.

Her marketing techniques and methods are solely Social Media and YouTube.

She is an Influencer marketer who built her audience who also lives on Social Media platforms.

I don’t believe she knows or even cares about what is happening on Google search.

Google search is a very scary place where competitors will do anything to get that first page ranking.

Google search are mostly highly skilled bloggers and seo experts who are ready to pounce on anything to write about.

Unlike Adriana who could less about that Google stuff and just wants to make money with her audience on Social Media and YouTube.

I am not defending her, I am just giving you a different view from how she sees things.

I’m sure you have heard the expression ” Failing Forward“.

Well this could be Adriana who began her online business like any other beginner leaving a trail if dissatisfied seo experts and bloggers.

I know for a fact the all highly successful online marketer today did not begin perfectly.

The only thing left to say is you can see what she is doing with her new online business.

She is Failing Forward.

What are you doing?

How Does IPS Work

I will cut through all the jargon talk and get right to the point. No need to do a song and a dance to get a point across.

Basically what you will be doing is using high converting pre-written text Ads and placing them into Social Media platforms that is recommended like,

  • Facebook
  • Snap Chat
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Now, there is a procedure to writing Ads on Social Media platforms.

Each one has their own rules on how to place ads and interact with other members.

The basic idea for traffic is to inject the pre-written text ads into a post and eventually guiding curious prospects to your landing page.

The Facebook strategy will be the primary focus on each of the products on all the levels.

Facebook is IPS’s bread and butter will be their main hub for customer support and the Q&A.

IPS Back Office – Getting Set Up

Getting set up is will be easy for new people just starting online by following the step videos.

Adriana does a good job in the explaining the steps intended for new people.

  • Join Facebook Coaching Group And Proof Group
  • Creating Payment Button ( 3 Payment Options )
  • Order Website For $17
  • Create Link Tree ( Optional ) Social Links Grouped

Just right click on any image in the gallery and open up in new tab to view larger size.

IPS Facebook Coaching Group And Proof Group

The Coaching Group is more of a private group where you have to show proof you are a member to get accepted.

After getting the personal question answered the acceptance was pretty quick.

Once inside I was surprised to see how many people were active mostly posting welcoming new members.

135 members and climbing very quickly. This is exciting stuff going on in here..

I felt like I wanted to stop writing and upgrade to the $300 level and catch a few customers myself.

But I promised my self to keep from letting shiny objects get in my way, so back to my review.

I do like this coaching group because it is a place to fall back on for support without the feeling of being stranded.

The Proof Group is easier to get accepted. This is a great idea to segregate from the coaching group to show proof of earnings.

You can invite potential customers here to show them the success people are having.

Fun Stuff.

Creating Your IPS Payment Buttons

I feel this is an area where people who are new to making money online might spend the most time.

Noobs will have to decide which payment methods to receive money via a payment button on the new website.

To be honest, IPS demonstration only one method video for a PayPal account and button creation.

I’m sure there are other options that you can ask like,

  • Stripe
  • Payeezy
  • And more

So, if you are new to the whole payment processing system to receive money.

Begin researching at least the methods I mentioned above and at the very least PayPal is well known everywhere.

A word of caution with using PayPal when there becomes a numerous amount of charge backs.

PayPal will become suspicious and close your account to protect themselves from potential fraud.

Ordering Your IPS Website

Ordering your website for $17 dollars was more tedious than difficult.

There are several steps to accomplish to get the information to IPS to set up your website.

Check out the list of information needed.

  • Tell Us Who Your Sponsor Is
  • Send Your Purchased Level Receipt
  • WEBSITE Purchased Receipt
  • Your Payment Buttons Receipt
  • Send Your Facebook Or LinkTree Link
  • Your Name To Be Used On Your Website
  • A Picture Of You For Your Website

After all those task were completed I received a link to my new website in just a couple hours.

Honestly, I was expecting to wait longer more like a day.

The design wasn’t cluttered the way I was expecting. The website is just a basic one page website which is more than enough.

Here is a link to the website I purchased from IPS. Please take note that I only have the $50 level for review purposes.

The $150 and the $300 level belong to my sponsor who is Kelly Bolton.

If you are interested in buying the $50 just click on my button and it will help me pay for my time writing this review.

Click Here To Visit My $17 IPS Website

Infinity Processing System

Creating Link Tree Account is Optional is a service to connect audiences to all of your content with just one link.

All you need is the free account but if you want more features they offer a pro account for $6 monthly.

Check the image below.

Link Tree

That is if you are really heavy into Social Media then this would be a great option for you.

Three IPS Product Levels $50 $150 $300

Starter Level

Starter Level $50

With this level you be earning a $50 commission.

This starter level products will be in the other two higher levels of the $150 and the $300.

  • 30 Marketing Ads + 20 Bonus Image Ads
  • Winning Mindset Formula
  • The Art Of Persuasion & Influence
  • 7 Day Success Action Plan
  • 6 Figure Closing Script
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • 30 Facebook Groups
  • Craigslist Marketing Strategy
  • Fb Support Group

Elite Level

Elite Level $150

With this level you be earning a $150 and $50 commission.

The difference in this level over the starter level,

  • 100 Marketing Ads + 20 Image Ads
  • 60 Facebook Groups
  • YouTube Mastery
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • How To Create Your 6 Figure Sales Funnel

Pro Level

Pro Level $300

With this level you be earning a $300, $150, and $50 commissions.

The difference in this level over the Elite level,

  • 200 Marketing Ads + 20 Image Ads
  • 100 Facebook Groups
  • 30 Email Follow Up To Close Your Sales On Autopilot
  • TikTok Marketing Strategy
  • Get Access To Our VIP Training LIVE CHAT
  • Exclusive Live Trainings
  • Get Access To A VIP Vacation Voucher For A Relaxed Getaway
  • Discounts On Hotels & Restaurants(Offer them to your team as well)

Pros And Cons Marketing IPS

IPS Pros:

  • Hopefully people who take action will make money
  • People familiar with Social Media
  • Low money entrance
  • No monthly payments
  • Landing page with affiliate Id for $17 one time
  • A place to learn very basic marketing (get feet wet)
  • Positive for noobs to learn how to collect money

IPS Cons:

  • Greedy Online Marketers Taking Advantage Of Noobs
  • Pump and Dump mentality ( already happening )
  • Experienced marketers bad reviews will flood Google
  • People attempt refund when they should’ve never bought
  • Owner starting with False bad reputation
  • Similar template as the email processing system
  • Not unique or original
  • Experienced marketers dominating the space
  • Dependent On Sponsor Marking New Customers Paid

Who Is Marketing IPS On YouTube

YouTube is literally flooded with very familiar marketers that jump from one system to another to catch the noobs.

As of March 21, 2021 Infinity Processing System is 2 weeks old with a heavy sum of marketers already promoting for fast easy money.

I’m not sure what the stats from Vid IQ mean from the image below but take a look by right clicking and open in new tab.

IPS YouTube Marketers

This is what you noob marketers will have to compete with in order to be seen on YouTube.

This is just the first four positions but believe me there are much, much more below. Getting seen will be hard for noobs without SEO knowledge.

If you are new to making money online just take a look at the very nicely designed thumbnails covers for their videos which takes experience.

Not to mention the other skills and tools needed like,

  • Video camera / smart phone video
  • Microphone for desk top / wireless earbuds with microphone
  • Canva to create video thumbnail
  • Screen recorder

Not so much the expenses with the tools rather the time to create and design to get started.

I just want to be real honest before you get in then find out later why you are not making money.

Although Adriana does a pretty good job from her YouTube Mastery Video Course in the Elite level, by the time a noob learns how to,

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Create a video
  • Upload the video to YouTube
  • Write a description
  • Add link to landing page

The competition will be so overwhelming from pro YouTubers marketing for years that a noob will be pushed aside.

The noob has no chance what so ever. The only chance they will have is a creating a different approach that they will never learn.

IPS On Facebook

They say a picture say a thousand words so take a look at the image below.

IPS On Facebook

Experienced marketers already creating Facebook groups and pages to attract new marketers.

Same marketers from the email processing system are back at it with same old marketing methods.

Tell me if this looks familiar. I am not suggesting this is the email processing system just the techniques.

Typical Facebook Method

Image a thousand marketers posting all over Facebook with this type of Ad.

This is what to expect from influencers marketing their businesses similar to IPS business.

Trust me when I tell you that you can be more creative than the method from the image above.

Methods like those just leads to disappointments because this is will eventually get ignored real quick.

What Is My Opinion About IPS

I’m a nobody and my opinion will probably won’t mean anything to some of you, or most of you.

If you still want to read on, I will tell you.

I have bought into systems just like IPS when I began marketing online.

I had been struggling about where to find the the buyers to what I was offering.

Everyone kept telling me to buy traffic to send people to your landing page. This cost me more money than I was receiving.

Every time I bought into a system, I had the same problem. Finding affordable traffic to my make money online for my business.

After reading and learning for free as much as I could online I began to understand marketing systems.

What I’ve learned that if you are desperate for money and confused about what you are doing people will notice and avoid you.

The truth is before you can make money online you must build your online presence.

People must feel trust and confidence in you in what you believe and who you are as a person..

I’m not saying for you to go buy expensive courses, but at least take time to understand how a marketing system works.

Learn where to find the people who are looking for what you are offering.

My Honest Opinion

My honest opinion about IPS will be that Adriana did a pretty good job to create an opportunity.

An opportunity to make money online for those who are not so very experienced.

As I stated earlier, my only complaint is the greed of those experienced marketers.

I’m not talking about the intermediate range marketers, I referring to those very highly skilled marketers.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it just does.

One last thing I’d like to mention that really bothers me is flashing money on YouTube.

This type of marketing to lure people into paying you because you flash money only means you have no class.

Other than that, I believe I said enough for one day.

Now, Would I recommend IPS?

All in All I would recommend Infinity Processing System to those people who are just beginning and need a place to get there feet wet.

Maybe this might help.

Check out this article I wrote about new marketer problems on the link below.

Click Here To Read Noobs Occurring Proble

Thank Your for taking the time to read my article about,

How To Make Money Online With Infinity Processing System

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