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Livegood Review-How To Make With Money Network Marketing

Livegood Review-How To Make With Money Network Marketing

Livegood is a nutritional supplement network marketing company in Jupiter, Florida. They have an affiliate compensation plan with 6 ways to earn an income.

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This article is not about the typical review of LiveGood.com like plenty of others on Google that is all the same stuff.

Instead, I will write a brief introduction along with some links for you to read about LiveGood.

I want to talk about what kind of people are marketing online and what methods are being used to promote Live Good.

So, sit back, and let’s go find out.

I want to be transparent that I am an affiliate and you can check it out here. Livegood.com.

Introduction To Livegood

What is LiveGood.com?

LiveGood is a natural nutritional supplementation health company located in Jupiter, Florida.

Their mission is to change the overpriced natural health products in the MLM network marketing industry with a higher quality and affordable price.

Who operates LiveGood.com?

Why is this important to know who runs this company?

There is a past behind this organization. Click Here To Learn More

Ben Glinsky is the CEO. From researching online only, Ben Glinsky has a prior past in the MLM network marketing industry.

Nadar Khazan is the director of network marketing. Nadar also has a history in MLM.

Ryan Goodkin is the director of product development.

Lisa Goodkin is director of product education.

Click Here! To read about them on the Livegood website

What I mean is that Ben and Nadar have been promoting MLM companies for years.

They both are professional network marketers who understand how to manage an MLM company.

OK, moving on.

How Are Livegood Members Making Money Online

The MLM Network Marketing business model requires a mindset of building a direct sales team to sell retail products.

LiveGood’s MLM business model utilizes a monthly discount membership for the sale of nutritional supplement retail products and pays out an affiliate fee for recruiting members.

Unlike how other advertising and promoting methods are used online to make money, MLM and Network Marketing approach is different.

Livegood has an affiliate system that cost a one time $40 for each member recruited.

There is also a $9.95 monthly fee that activates a discount on all products.

In total to go all in cost $49.95 then $9.95 monthly.

You earn a $25 commission as an affiliate and a $2.50 recurring commission from each recruit.

There is commsions for selling the products but what is hot is everyone jumping into the matrix system.

Livegood has a 2×15 forced matrix system that looks like this.

The idea is to recruit two people in the spots below you which are called bronze.

Then help those two members become bronze.

I was personally in one MLM Network Marketing business model years ago. To be honest I was terrible.

Let’s go check out how Livegood members are recruiting people.

Let’s Just Spotlight The Three Main Online Platforms.


I want to first mention that YouTube has a mind of its own positioning videos. 

People marketing LiveGood has exploded on YouTube. 

It almost seems as if YouTube is having a hard time keeping up with all the new live good members posting videos.  

I have been watching the placement of YouTube LiveGood videos and what I found confuses me. 

There are two search terms that I will use.  

  • LiveGood
  • LiveGood Review

        I know there are more search term results but these are the most common. 

        Now keep in mind that this will change daily.

        The first search I type in is ” Livegood”.

        Again, there are plenty of keywords and phrases to rank for but let’s just use Livegood and Livegood Review.

        Here is the result I get in the image below.

        As you can see that Jeff Aman has the first spot, not including Livegood’s position.

        His video titled $7,716 in my first 4 weeks with Livegood dropped to the 24th position a day later.

        Jeff Aman has 5330 subscribers. This does not happen in 4 weeks.

        He has 193 videos in the MLM and the make money online niche dating back 6 years since April 12, 2011.

        Jeff has authority and experience in this space.

        Check out Jeff’s video SEO sore in the image below.

        His video has all the necessary SEO components to keep it relevant to what people are searching for.

        • Good description
        • Video keyword tags
        • Good Channel keyword tags
        • Video Optimization

          Yet this video has been overtaken by lesser authority and SEO. Just goes to show that anyone can have success on YouTube

          Click Here to check out Jeff Aman’s YouTube Channel.

          Search Result For Livegood Review

          Now, what would happen if I changed the search term and add review ” Livegood Review”?

          Let’s Take A LooK

          YouTube Livegood Review

          Eric Johnson has the top position for this search result today.

          This review video switches back and forth with the video right below by Ben Analyst

          Eric Johnson has had his Youtube channel since August 27, 2014.

          He has approximately 488 videos all in the niches of,

          • Network Marketing
          • MLM
          • Make Money Online

          Click Here to check out Eric Christian Johnson’s YouTube channel.

          YouTube Final Thoughts

          There are many, many more marketers with the same authority YouTube channel

          How will a new to online marketing person ever compete?

          Especially with the headline ” Livegood Review: How I Hit Gold In 11 Days! “.

          I have been observing Livegood videos on YouTube and it seems to me anyone has an opportunity.

          Now, there are other keywords and phrases that will display varying results but the same type of experienced marketer will be at the top.

          I get different videos from different marketers. In addition, if using the plural “Livegood Reviews” I get additional results.

          My opinion for new people who want to advertise on Youtube is to begin a channel about you and your experiences, not just about Livegood.

          I bought a YouTube fast start video course by a very still well-known YouTube marketer.

          There was one method that person taught that will stick with me forever.

          This person also has a mentor and this is what is being taught.

          Create and upload as many videos everyday for a year. It does not matter if the video is any good or beneficial.

          Just create a great title, a great description, and an attractive thumbnail to get your channel recognized.

          At the year’s end, you will have at least 356 videos getting traffic to your channel.

          Now you can begin uploading quality beneficial videos.

          I did not like this method although it may have worked.

          There are marketers doing this today because I find them.

          You do what you got to do. Myself, I deleted my YouTube Channel.

          REPUTATION is everything!

          To BE Continued…


          Browsing Facebook for people marketing Livegood left my bottom jaw hitting the floor. 

          I could not believe how many people are promoting Livegood on FB. 

          Here are the first results that came up beginning with FB groups. 

          There are 193 groups both private and public promoting LiveGood.

          Remember that this is only 7 of 193 Livegood FB groups.

          Check out this image of Livegood FB groups.

          Livegood FB Groups

          Two Types of Facebook Groups

          The first type in my own opinion is the sales funnel type group.

          This type of FB group works as a sales funnel to LiveGood business opportunity in my opinion.

          LiveGood marketers guide their traffic to an opt-in landing page.

          People marketing online will post on their FB home page and lead their traffic to their FB public LiveGood group.

          In this type of group, people are free to use their business ads and postings while mingling with the guests.

          Let;s take a look at a public group titled ” LiveGood♥ “.

          Click Here to visit the FB LiveGood♥ group.

          Mary Gipp and Jody Martin are the admins.

          Let’s take a look at the image below.

          Livegood fb group funnel
          Livegood fb group funnel

          I added a red arrow pointing to the phrase ” Ask me for the link “.

          Understanding that talking to people to warm them up is probably better but sometimes I would rather just have a link to click on.

          You could create a FB page with a link in a Blue Button to LiveGood’s landing page.

          Therefore, you would add the page link in your FB group for people to follow without fear of FB banning you.

          Private Tutorial For LiveGood Team Building Facebook Group

          This type of private FB group is for members of whichever LiveGood team they enrolled into.

          The purpose is to help team members grow their team with tutorials from better-experienced marketers in this group.

          I can’t look inside because I’m not a member of their team but I can show you the group image.

          Check out the image below.

          LiveGood Family Facebook Team Group

          New inexperienced people are joining Livegood’s business opportunity without a clue as to where to start.

          Instead of leaving the new inexperienced marketer clueless and left alone to fail a better successful solution is to include training for your team to grow.

          Just by reading the title of this group even free tour takers are invited to look around inside to determine if this team is fit for them.

          I like groups like this.

          LiveGood FB Business Pages

          Facebook pages are great to advertise whatever you are promoting.

          Decorate your page with your business products or services and create as many FB post as you want.

          From your page you can create and Ad from anyone of your post called Boost to specific people you want to advertise.

          My research came up with a mere 87 pages created by LiveGood members.

          Some are great and some are not so great.

          Let’s take a look at a Livegood FB Page that looks great.

          LiveGood With Lynn

          Click Here to check out Lynn’s Livegood FB page.

          There is another Livegood FB page that I believe was created nicely by Elia Martin.

          Click Here to check out Elia’s LiveGood FB page.

          This is how people are marketing LiveGood on Facebook.

          Pros Of Marketing On Facebook

          • Traffic – Large sum of active users
          • Variety of people of traffic
          • Building an audience
          • Creating an Ad is friendly to a novice
          • Friendly tracking system
          • Retarget past leads

          Cons Of Marketing On Facebook

          • People on FB repell advertisers.
          • People easily report you as spam
          • Building an audience can be difficult for business
          • Creating the wrong Ad gets you banned
          • Time consuming
          • Advertise to only Facebook people

          Facebook marketing can work if applied correctly.

          However, this requires focused detailed time to commit to gaining trust and familiarity.

          Facebook People Change Without Warning

          I will tell you what happened to me recently when I messaged a person on my FB friend list.

          I sent this person a message that has been on my FB friends list for a couple of years but we haven’t spoken to each other for at least six months.

          The message stated that I just recently enrolled in a nutrition network marketing business with a nice compensation plan.

          Would you like to know more about it?

          If the person would have said yes I would have sent the link.

          The person’s reply was ” STOP or I will report you as spam “.

          Now, this person first messaged me a few years ago about their business offer and that is how we become acquaintances.

          It is funny and strange how people are when it comes to selling and buying.

          Anyway, moving on

          Google Search – LiveGood Review

          Google search by huge margins is the world’s most important and most used period.

          No need to go any further than that.

          I don’t see many Network Marketers promoting much about LiveGood yet.

          However, Livegood is only 6 weeks old at the time of writing this article.

          My guess is in 6 months, network marketers will have their articles flooding Google searches.

          Let’s check out some search results.

          The search results for LiveGood in Google search had fewer articles than I anticipated.

          As usual, a few websites were promoting LiveGood as a member.

          There is also the typical Wealthy Affiliate website, not recommending Livegood.

          What caught my eye were two distinct websites. One of them was extremely positive and the other was negative.

          Trustpilot Review On LiveGood

          The First website was Trustpilot.com. Click Here To see the reviews.

          They had the #1 position on Google Search.

          There were twenty-four 4 to 5-star reviews which averaged 4.5 stars for LiveGood.

          Every review was praising LiveGood and thanking them for their existance.

          So, I searched for a review on Trustpilot just to see if something sinister is happening.

          Sitejabber Review On Trustpilot

          I found some websites had poor reviews about Truspilot’s dishonesty.

          Click Here to visit one of the websites named SiteJabber.

          There are very disgruntled reviews about Trustpilot getting paid by companies to reject negative reviews and promote positive reviews.

          I am not saying if this is true or not. I’m Just reporting what I see on Google.

          Check out the Sitejabber image below.

          Sitejabber Review On Trustpilot

          BehindMLM Review On LiveGood

          Towards the middle of the first page there is Behindmlm’s website.

          Click Here to visit Behindmlm’s review of LiveGood.

          Behindmlm is well known for spotlighting illegal pyramid, Ponzi, and cash gifting schemes.

          This review was not in favor of LiveGood and the owners.

          Again, I am not accusing anyone of anything. Just reading what I found on Google.

          Check out the Behindmlm image below.

          Behindmlm Review LiveGood

          My opinion about promoting LiveGood on Google Search is that writing articles on pages and blogs requires a certain skill.

          Practice and patience are required to see any results for new marketers if any at all.

          Articles on Blogs may take months to rank, depending on the size of the audience may never get the traffic you seek.

          YouTube videos are quicker and easier.


          Network Marketing and MLM business model is difficult for to have any type of success for new people.

          I don’t have any experience in MLM and Network Marketing recruiting people.

          I do understand that people will only follow the most successful MLM Network Marketer.

          For the people who are new to the MLM business must be aware that it takes time build an online reputation.

          Unless your sponsor can set you up with an active system already in place, it is going to be a slow process to build your system.

          For the new marketers. Of the three Platforms above,

          • YouTube
          • Facebook
          • Google Search

          Choose only one of them and build your audience.

          Yes, this will be a slow process but think about your future.

          So, what about LiveGood?

          Should I get involved with Livegood?

          I am a member of LiveGood and I have been consuming the products.

          LiveGood is a good place to get your experience in MLM network marketing because of the low entry fee and great prices of nutritional products.

          Click Here to become an affiliate.

          Click Here to shop and browse the products.

          Thank You for reading my article,

          Livegood Review-How To Make With Money Network Marketing

          Oscar Almeida