Oscar Almeida

Observing People Marketing Online

Reinventing The Wheel

I hear people marketing online say if it is not broken don’t fix it.


There is a pattern to making money online that cannot be changed. 


However, some tactics change every day, month, and year.


This site will spotlight how are people marketing online.

Mobile vs Desk Top

People marketing online has their comfort zone and abilities.


There are marketing creations that only can be done with a desktop.


Once the marketing creations have been developed and engineered then mobile marketing can be ideal while out and about.


Let’s find out marketers’ thoughts about desktop vs mobile.



Advertising The Billion Dollar Industry

Major brands and corporations spend billions of dollars advertising on all types of media.


What about the ordinary person marketing online and trying to earn money?


Free marketing vs paid?


What if you were an ad media company?


Let’s find out people marketing online’s opinion.